Thursday, November 29, 2012


You never know where you might find your inspiration. 

On a recent trip to the Mitchell area, for some reason, I decided to drive through the cemetery.  No real reason why,  I had been there before, in fact a couple of times. Friends parents are buried there and another friends brother and mother are there. I wasn't there to seek out their place of internment, but just to drive around in a peaceful place to clear my head. I ended up in the military section.  Let me just say that this area in the Mitchell, SD cemetery is amazing.  Numerous bronze statues look over the loved ones that have been lost.  I was drawn to the eagle right away.   I love our symbol of freedom!

The image on the left is what I started with. I took a few shots and then noticed how dramatic the sky was behind me. I headed around to look at the eagle from the other side.  I was able to maneuver to a spot that placed the sun just behind the wing of the eagle. The final image on the right is much more dramatic and powerful.

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