Sunday, May 12, 2013

Number 109

The tale of one image.  I am not sure what moves a person to change an image. I guess you might have a feeling of, this might look a little better if I tweak this or that.  Some images seem to be totally revamped from the original image to other versions of the image.  I guess it is all in the eye of the photographer as to what they feel looks best and the outcome of the image they were looking for when they clicked the shutter button. 

Sometimes I have the image in my head as to what I want it to look like.  Other times when I see the image for the first time in the digital darkroom, I think, what if I changed it to this or how about this.  There isn't any real answer to the question. Each of us possess different feelings about an image so an image might look good to you, but not to others. 

Here are three images. They are of Number 109, a very handsome looking bull just outside of Obert, NE.   Let me know what you like best!

The original image taken right out of the camera.
The image cropped in and converted to black and white and a little structure added.
The cropped black and white image changed to a preset Nik Software filter.