Sunday, October 7, 2012

My index finger is tired!

This past week, we headed out on vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota. What a great place and so vastly different then our side of the state (east river).

I took off on Thursday and made it to Wall. You know the home of Wall Drug with free ice water!  I never made it to Wall Drug, but that was not my intent.  My goal was to shoot sunrise, sunset and see some wildlife along the way.  All goals were met, but the sunset photos were not great. Oh, well, I guess it will need to wait for another time.

I also hit up the Custer Wildlife loop and then on to Spearfish for the Black Hills Photo Shootout.
The shootout is two and half days of hands on photography sessions. It was awesome as always!  We toured around the hills after the shootout and had a great time!  So much to see and of course when it snows the scenery changes so much!  Yes, we had a dusting of snow the day before we left for home.

Met some nice folks from Minnesota at my sunrise shoot!
Now, here is where the sore index finger comes into play.....I took 3,708 images!  Yup, I will be sorting through them for awhile! In the mean time you can view a few here or on my Facebook page at Prairie View Imagery.

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