Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Gallery Event....

What a great event I attended last evening in Yankton. It was the First Friday reception at the G.A.R. Hall to honor the artist that are featured in the new exhibit called "Mighty Mo' Photo Show". The theme for the exhibit are photographs of "Flora and Fauna" along the Missouri River.

Let me say there are a lot of amazing photos in the exhibit. This was a first for me to actually have photos hanging in a gallery. It is an amazing feeling. I was lucky enough to have three photos in the exhibit. Not only that, but there is another exhibit that runs concurrently with the photography exhibit called Arts in Bloom.
Arts in Bloom allows area artist to bring selected photographs to life by making a living sculpture that is inspired by some of the photographs. I was blessed to have one of my photos come to life by another artist.

It was fun to feel the energy in the gallery! Yankton Area Arts is doing great things in the Yankton area. Make sure you head over to their Facebook page and "like" them!

Things to know if you visit the exhibit, and you should visit!
G.A.R. Hall is located at 508 Douglas in Yankton, SD. The gallery is open from 1-5 PM weekdays and 1-3 PM on Saturdays, and the exhibits are always free to the public. The "Mighty Mo' Photo Show" runs through August 28th.The Art in Bloom exhibit runs concurrently from August 1-4.

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